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The Success Story of The Gorton Group’s Founder, Eric Gorton



In the real estate business, Eric Gorton is a phenomenal entrepreneur. The founder of The Gorton Group, a premier real estate team in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas, Eric is an industry expert with decades of experience. Some of the industry’s best real estate agents, property experts, and marketers make up the team. The Gorton Group is widely regarded as the best company for all of your property selling needs because it can connect you with the best customers at the best rates.

Eric has built a name for himself in the real estate industry by emphasizing the requirements of his customers. Eric demonstrates that during his early career, he frequently relied on common sense to make the right decision. He was frequently influenced by the money, but he always returned to his path. Eric was successful in acquiring customers because of his customer-focused approach, which made it simple for customers to associate with him. Clients frequently consider Eric to be the ideal real estate agent due to his sincerity and reliability.

As a buyer’s agent, Eric completed more than 30 transactions in his first year in real estate. He has remained in the top 1% of Las Vegas Valley agents’ gross sales volumes ever since. His long-term success in the industry can also be attributed to his exceptional listing and marketing abilities. Additionally, it has assisted him in attracting a larger number of buyers who successfully purchase the homes he represents.

For the past eight years, Eric has been working in the Las Vegas Valley. He has consistently ranked among the top five realtors in terms of volume of sales and was named number one in 2019. Eric has always set a goal of surpassing his income from the previous year in order to keep growing. He has consistently achieved this goal. Even in difficult times, Eric does not believe that he should slow down; In point of fact, he asserts that he has never retreated from real estate.

Eric frequently attributes his success in business to his family. They have always helped him get through difficult times by supporting him through ups and downs. He also had to take care of his family, so he worked harder to make sure they were okay.

Eric’s advice to any real estate professional aspiring to success in this field is to simply be nice. Many focus on making sales rather than meeting the needs of their customers, which is a tactic that makes customers leave. Eric is prepared to assume a variety of roles outside of real estate because he is of the opinion that the best real estate agents are concerned about the interests of their clients. Avoid getting upset about the smallest things when you’re on the road to success; Be prepared to accept the client’s decision and keep an open mind.

In the years to come, Eric hopes to develop as a father, brother, and friend as well as a businessman. While he strives for greater business success, he considers it crucial to maintain close ties with the people he holds most dear. In the end, family and close friends, not the business legacy, are more important to Eric than anything else.

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