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The Artistic Story of Artan Kalisi – from being a Professional Make-up & Hair Artist to a Professional Trainer of Hair Styling & Beauty



Are you someone concerned for your looks? Also want some tips and help with hair styling? You are eager to know and we can’t wait to tell you that we have one great stylist for your personal grooming. He is none other than Artan Kalisi who has the expert’s hand in make-up, hair styling and coloring. Artan exemplifies his dedication to this field and this is the reason that he is a renowned Celebrity Stylist all around.

When question arises for our looks and styles, we always search for a talented and much experienced make-up artist and would surely love to confide upon him or her if he openly shares his work portfolio through his social media accounts or through his websites. With the overly-engaged users in social media, it is easily accessible to find the perfect one for us. The hair and make-up artist we are talking about here is one to be entrusted upon when you opt your styling and looks.

From aesthetic look to a glam look, Artan is expert in providing a perfect make-up to every face of a woman according to her wish. He can carve out the best look artistically. From giving a glow solution to every other girl, he has come a long way being a professional in the field interpreting commercialism in his work. He has collaborated with numerous celebrity models from the industry. They have got the chance to be the featured image of his work in make-up and hair styling both. With the help of them, he has shown his expertise to create a sunshine look glowing aesthetically.

From imparting some chic look to classy and bold look, the hair stylist does something magic with his creation in inventing a particular hair style. The way he creates a hair style on a woman reveals the bold nature and confidence in her style as well as personality. You can check the various inventories in hair styling of Artan through his Instagram feed. He just needs a few minutes and it is ready for you.

The expert professional provides training on numerous hairstyle techniques, make-up looks at various stops. His upcoming training is collaboration with two other supertalented and successful colleagues of Artan Kalisi in Switzerland. Known as “Look & Learn Schulung”, the one-day training would include Balayage technique, hair extensions and various other hair styles. You can book the training and get to know something new from three of very talented artists of the beauty and styling sector.

The hair stylist organizes several hair styling workshops at different regions and keeps notifying it through his Instagram account frequently to give an insight to his work to his followers around the world. Hair styling enthusiasts get to know the tips and tricks of styling from the professional artist. Impulse Art Workshop is held on a monthly basis. He has notified the date of the next workshop to be held on September 25th in Memmingen, a town in Germany.

Apart from being a hair and make-up artist for celebrity models, his artistry also finds place in Leony’s music video of her latest song. He has also given the glam look to the model featured for the campaign shoots of a premium brand of jewellery for its rich and luxurious new collections of the store. Also he has worked with different celebrities for several fashion shows creating a vivid look of their hairstyles and facial looks.

Artan Kalisi is an artist maintaining his work in a professional manner sharing all the required tips and tricks along with new techniques in this sector to the upcoming artists. Stay glued to his updates on social media for more.