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Success in the world of fashion & luxury – Virginia Varinelli – a pure and unique Fashion Designer & Influencer from Italy



Fashion has a serious impact in influencing the masses globally. From ethnic collections to chic outfits, fashion has engulfed the world with its styles and trends. Moreover, today’s fashion designers have no less worked harder in pulling fashion to the next level. Let’s talk some fashion with an indigenous Italian Fashion Designer & Influencer who has created and established her brand in a significant way – Virginia Varinelli.

Virginia Varinelli is a Fashion Designer and Fashion Influencer hailing from Italy. She has created her own fashion brand known by her name, Virginia Varinelli. It is a 100% Italian brand with each piece designed in much unique way. It is a luxury womenswear incorporating Italian fashion in its purest form.

Spending two years in China and Russia and working for a German multinational, Virginia returned to her native place and decided to undertake multiple paths all digitally and independently. Starting as an influencer, then as the creator of Virdi, Virginia is also the Fouder of ‘Floo’ – a digital agency that takes pride in working with the clients in the Hotellerie and Fashion sectors. In 2021, Virginia was the Italian ambassador for the Maison Chanel to celebrate the 100 years of its iconic parfumerie chanel, n.5.

The founder and creator, Virginia emphasizes on the tastes she has and reveals her identity by depicting it through her fashion brand, Virginia Varinelli. The logo of the fashion brand resembles a horseshoe to signify Virginia’s passion for the equestrian world. Also, to honor the memory of her first pet dog, Lancelot and express her love for it, the designer has done something great which needs utter mentioning. The Lancelot Sweater in her vast fashion collection store was created to commemorate the pet. She analyzed something that was missing in her wardrobe collection and then realized that she needed to create a perfect sweater for walks with 4-legged friends. It is made with 8 threads of pure merino wool and it comes in variants – green, orange and black.

The Lancelot Sweater stands out for its fit over with a braid design on the hood and wide sleeves with triple braid. Another peculiarity of it is the contrasting cuff where the brand logo is applied on a rose gold plate. She has even mentioned the styling tips with this sweater. It can be combined with the Fawcett jacket or with the Ivy Coat of her Italian collection store. It shows the high-end quality of the garment along with providing warmth and comfortable for the autumns and winters.

Sneaking into the brand’s latest news section, you would find that The Fall/Winter Virginia Varinelli collection was started from a concept: exclusively made in Italy garments created with precious materials. The Fall/Winter 2021-22 campaign was shot in the most iconic spot in Milan – Brera, the beating heart of Milanese creativity. The 21-22 season’s collection saw the predominant shades – green and orange providing its space to color.

The designer is not a believer of chances but is one who creates chances and makes it happen. The fashion collection has been meticulously created considering every detail in the purest form stressing importance to the choice of quality and indigenous materials. Her collections are accessible worldwide. You can check it on her website or the brand’s Instagram page too. We have shared the links to her brand stores. Just check them out.

Along with her fashion brand, Virginia owns a jewellery brand too – Viridi. Viridi was created in 2012 to undergo a real restyling from the change of logo to that of the product. Viridi has a double meaning, ‘Vir’ – the name of the Founder and ‘Idi’ – her nickname, Didi with which her childhood friends close to her would call Virginia and is calling her now too. The second meaning of the Vir brands from the courage and Idi meaning half of the month. The luxury brand deals in extravagant and fashionable jewellery and watches

She’s much delved into fashion, yet she has other interests like writing too. Virginia is a writer who has published her first novel back in July this year with Cairo Editori. The book she has written is “un’ipotesi di felicita”. Slowly and steadily, Virginia has occupied the spaces of many sectors with her pot of talents. She even tried her skills in acting. She is an actress who has already acted in some of the important Italian films.

The links to the independent Fashion Designer’s brand stores: www.virginiavarinelli.com and www.viridi.it