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Singer, Songwriter, Model. D’use Saida, a Powerhouse of Talent



Consistency and persistence are the two most important traits required by a person to touch the peaks of success. And when a person is passionate about their goals, it becomes almost impossible to stop them. One of these personalities is Hanna Dus, popularly known as D’use Saida. She is the face of modern music and art. D’use Saida is an emerging American multi-faceted musician. Joined the music industry recently, she has already made heads turn with her talent and catchy music. Her genre of music is pop, but she has shown her inclination towards R&B and Neo-Soul too.

Born in Pittsfield on January 4th, 1997, and raised in Lee, Massachusetts. D’use Saida was destined to shine. Her inclination towards music was evident since her school days. She would always be immersed in various creative activities such as sketching, painting, ceramics, singing, piano, guitar, and many other things. As she was raised by a single mom in the countryside of Berkshire county Massachusetts, things were a bit tough for her family. Despite the situation, she was always encouraged and backed by them to choose her career according to her will.

She graduated from the Monument Mountain Regional High School in Berkshire County in Massachusetts. After completing her studies, her fondness for music grew even more. Her love for writing songs and singing new melodies increased until she finally decided that she would pursue music. But by the time she realized this, she had already enrolled in BCC (Berkshire Community College). Soon after joining, she took a gap year to explore her options. She moved to London for a few months to decide what she wanted to do. After returning from London, she bought herself a puppy and shortly after moved to Brooklyn with it. 

Going back to the States opened new doors of opportunities for her. She had the chance to explore her taste in music and learn more about it. Having artists like Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu and Janis Joplin, Ari Lennox, Rico Nasty, the Dixie chicks, Lauren Hill, and MIA as inspiration, she had already set her bar high. She debuted in the music industry with her single ‘Toxic.’ It was released on November 19th, 2019, and was well received by the audience. The catchy tunes and groovy music garnered tons of attention from her. This motivated her to create more music. She then went on and released six more songs, namely Hanna Banana, Madame Ponsardin, In my basket (unmixed), VMB (Vending Machine Baller), SWIPE 3X, and Call ya Bluff. She is deeply connected to a song called ‘Madame Ponsardin.’ It was about her boyfriend, and the video was inspired by Erykah Badu’s “Other Side of the Game.” video, which featured her boyfriend at the time, Andre 3000. Her work in the music industry speaks for itself. To date, she has worked with a multitude of producers and artists such as Leftbrain, The Wav, MusicmanTy, Lachaleur, MuddiGold, and Lang Father. She has also written for Serena Rigacci.

In addition to being a musician, she also expanded her portfolio in modeling. Taking advantage of her pretty face, she has been modeling since she was 19, after which she realized that she was also passionate about styling. She is capable of styling all her shoots and loves having full creative freedom. Her work as a model has been published on various platforms. D’use Saida has worked with photographers like Marc Baptiste, Cavier Art, Rich (Rovproductions), Love & Mercy Magazine, Ryan Jenq, and Mike Mato. She had also worked with stylists like Ebony Brown Style, Epperson, and Nomanewyork.

D’use Saida has a dynamic personality and can sweep the crowd off of their feet with her fun energy. She possesses the ability to create ground-breaking music and write soulful lyrics. Currently residing with her equally talented partner LaChaleur, she is working on numerous projects. She is also a part of a band names “La2Us” with her partner and has released a few tracks with him. As a band, they have collaborated with MusicmanTy, Byrus West, Lauren Declasse, Arnstar, Kshine, The Wav, Audiomack- Matt Composure, Serena Rigacci, Lang Father, Roarnlion, and Rov productions.

A woman with big dreams, high hopes, a love for music, and a talented personality, D’use Saida is all set to reach new heights of success.