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SCOTT BARTNICK, COO of OTTER Public Relations, is an entrepreneur with all the right stuff.



There is no secret recipe. There is none. There is no straightforward path. In the business world, you need to be willing to keep going and learn from your mistakes. You must be humble and willing to learn from other people. And you have to keep trying new things, even if it takes longer than you expected, until you find a winning combination. Scott Barnick, COO at Otter Public Relations, has mastered these winning qualities in the business world, demonstrating that he possesses all the right qualities.

Bartnick started his career at a Fortune 500 company, but he soon got bored. He quit that job to demonstrate that he could travel the world on a $10 per day budget from eCommerce revenue, despite opposition from some of his friends and family. After achieving his goal and traveling to 20 countries in a year, Bartnick felt compelled to write The Five Day Startup, which revealed the eCommerce secrets that enabled him to live this lifestyle. Bartnick gained the eCommerce experience and business perspective he required to return to a more conventional business environment during this year of travel. But this time, he’d be in charge.

Otter PR, a partnership with longtime friend and serial entrepreneur Dr. Jay Feldman, is his current venture. Nobody could have foreseen a global pandemic that would hold the world hostage for months and wreak havoc on the economy when this company was founded. However, by the time the epidemic reached its peak, Barnick had already started his business, and there was no turning back.

Some businesses have been crippled over the past few months, but others that provide services have thrived. With Otter PR, this is the situation. Barnick’s areas of expertise include revitalizing lagging businesses and assisting budding start-ups in obtaining the exposure they require for a successful launch.

At just the right time, Barnick and his team provide crucial assistance to struggling businesses. However, at first, he had no idea that a pandemic was coming. Barnick’s vision for the company was always to assist businesses in expanding, but he became skilled at pivoting to secure a new pandemic-driven strategy.

It doesn’t happen every day for a business to grow from zero to seven figures in six months. In the case of Bartnick and Otter PR, this colossal success is the result of real business acumen and an awareness of adaptability. Bartnick and his team stepped up to the plate when more businesses needed Otter PR’s PR expertise. Additionally, Otter PR has been extremely successful in assisting both new and established businesses in navigating the COVID-19 storm, according to Bartnick.

Bartnick and Otter PR’s healthy bottom line is not the only indication that they are genuine. Otter PR was recently named the best public relations firm by Top Rated National, and customers are also praising them on Google reviews. In addition, the group of “Otters,” as Bartnick refers to them, is constantly expanding.

At first, a small group of people pulled out all the stops, and it paid off. Otter PR is a team-oriented, thriving business with more than 30 employees stationed throughout the United States selling, pitching, hustling, writing, and loving their work. And this feeling of success and appreciation spreads from the top down. Bartnick and Feldman, who was also a co-founder, have created a diverse and lively work environment that encourages creativity and innovation. Additionally, without exceptional leadership, none of these characteristics would be present.

Scott Bartnick seems too young to have accomplished so much, looking at him. He has traveled the world on $10 per day at the age of 30; sold numerous eCommerce start-ups that were successful; written a book titled “The Five Day Start-Up” that teaches people how to sell online; and now co-founded a public relations firm with over $700,000 in revenue that continues to awe the PR community.

According to Bartnick, “You are one of the luckiest people on earth if you find a career you love and you can help people with your knowledge and services.” Bartnick definitely considers himself fortunate these days. Bartnick’s “luck” seems unlikely, however, as there are no easy shortcuts to success or magical formulas. Bartnick’s achievements are entirely due to something other than “luck,” given his strong character and driven personality.

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