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Rhythm and Flow define Kionne Ellis, a.k.a Lil Kei, a Singer cum Musician. He’s a viral Hip-hop Sensation!



If you are thinking of becoming a rapper, you need to answer a few questions. Can you ride the beat? Can you rhyme in rhythm? Do you have emotions and ideas you need to express? Can you make the song flow? We will introduce you to one of the best grass root rappers who looks to steer the hip-hop movement towards greater heights – Kionne Ellis, a.k.a Lil Kei.  

Kionne Ellis, a.k.a Lil Kei, is an emerging singer, composer, musician and a hip-hop artist from New York who is known for his unusual music style and song compositions. A hip-hop sensation, Lil Kei speaks from the heart, repeats his message and has the ability to rhyme, flow, and ride the beat!

He has established an inimitable individuality for himself as a singer, rapper and a song writer who knows how to connect with his listeners. Music is more than just an art form for him. “It’s a business that’s constantly evolving, both in style and technology. From streaming to social media, the ways in which we discover, listen to, and talk about music are changing,” says he.

From his work with enthralling numbers to his most recent releases, he has been viewed as one of the revolutionary musical architects of the scene. He is also an acclaimed producer and composer, having helmed recordings for different artists all across the region.  

For Lil Kei, Hip-hop is a form of poetry with rhythm and music and the first noticeable thing about his rapping is he gets his ideas written down. He uses his imagination and writes down every idea, thought and feeling that enters his mind. His song lyrics come from his brainstorming sessions.  

Says he, “The sound of instruments and a beat gives me ideas. I just try to stay personal and write about myself.” Rightly said, as he writes his songs, he organizes these lyric ideas into a structure that contains a strong emotional drive and maintains a cohesive topic throughout.” The lyrics sum up the main idea of his songs and is usually repeated to help listeners remember the song. They are catchy to the ear and are often called hooks because they hook the listener’s attention.

Lil Kei is thoroughly familiarized with a variety of music. This helps him identify styles he enjoys and learns about how to use different elements of music in his rap, such as instruments, sound effects and beats. While many rap artists have special expertise in genres like hip hop and R&B, Kionne Ellis, a.k.a. Lil Kei, explores genres like pop, rock and jazz too.   

 A rhythmic beat is the strongest Lil Kei’s unifying factor. He can be fast and aggressive or slow and relaxed, but he carries the song steadily forward and serves as a backdrop for vocal performance. Most beats in his hip-hop songs aren’t simple drum lines— Lil Kei’s beat-making is complex and varied that results in other songs and sounds.

Kionne Ellis’ majority of songs incorporate rapping as his main vocal style—a rhythmic, usually rhymed type of chant that interplays with the beat. His other vocal styles include singing, spoken word and ad-libs. Rhythm and Flow define Kionne and his music.

“Rappers or hip-hop artists may enter the industry with a small fan base or no audience, marketing can be another essential aspect of the career. This is because engaging in marketing can expand the reach of your music and might increase your chances of attracting a bigger audience,” says Kionne. “There are many ways to market yourself, such as starting a channel on a video-sharing website or building social media profiles on various platforms. You might also upload your music to a streaming platform so you can share links to your music with people quickly.”

His voice is what makes him a great singer, especially rap. It isn’t just the way he raps or what he says, but the bark, growl and gruff of his voice makes every line of his songs even more chilling. He can paint the most vivid image of poverty but it is the tone of his voice that makes you feel the fire.

Lil Kei’s voice is the most engrossing element of his artistry. He realizes the power of his voice, how it can be used to convey emotion and feeling, how it can be used to command attention and exude presence; his voice is a powerful tool that is the most crucial element in making sure lyrics, flows, wordplay and delivery is savored by listeners.

His music has its roots in the church he attended with his grandmother and aunt. “It just comes from that, like being in church as a kid.  And you know, singing and being in the choir. I remember all that.  So it’s like when I got into the studio, I’m like ‘OK, It stuck with me.’ You know what I mean? That’s where it really comes from, you know?” Lil Kei never really thought about making music until after he got out of Cicero-North Syracuse High School. “Lot of people don’t know what they want. And that’s why they get stuck and confused in what they want to do. But I knew exactly what I wanted to do.”

Having enough knowledge about his craft, Kionne Ellis knows the repertoire he can sing and his vocal limits. His familiarity with other artists/composers helps him in the industry. “It is a major turn-off in the industry when a singer knows nothing about his art or proper vocal technique,” says he.   

In the music industry, to survive without any pre-existing backing is tough as they rightly say, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets going’. Lil Kei never backed down from any obstacles whatsoever and has now made a huge name for himself.

Although Kionne Ellis is a pro in his domain but, as a singer/hip-hop artist, he still spends time and money working with his vocal outreach and continuous study of his craft to become the best in the business. Besides, he keeps himself up to date with what’s happening currently in the music industry.  

He has been quite a sought after influencer for the crowds. Due to his unique activities on social media, he has garnered more than 8K followers on his Instagram in a short span of time! Music Influencers like him are attracting extremely large audiences, which enables him to enjoy a high degree of trust with leading brands with whom he has collaborated.