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Ozzy Osbourne’s discussion with a pony incited him to surrender LSD



The 1970s is important for the quantity of melodic figures (particularly heroes) who characterized a time, including Ozzy Osbourne.

Ozzy Osbourne is a stunningly unusual figure whose way of life once in a while eclipsed his music vocation.

During the level of his profession, Osbourne tended to dive into liquor and medications. As of late, he shared how he quit taking corrosive.

The story

Exemplary Rock returned to Black Sabbath’s ascent and the making of the 1972 exemplary collection, Volume 4 when Osbourne described how he hit the brakes on corrosive.

“We lived respectively in a house in Los Angeles, practiced there, did heaps of medications and made a collection: basic,” said Osbourne.

“Those were great times.”

“Around then in America, individuals were extremely partial to binding your beverages with corrosive. I couldn’t have cared less. I used to swallow modest bunches of tabs all at once. Its finish came when we returned to England.”

“I took ten tabs of corrosive then, at that point, took a stroll in a field,” he proceeded.

“I wound up remaining there conversing with this pony for about 60 minutes. Eventually, the pony turned round and advised me to fuck off. That was all there was to it for me.”

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Dark Sabbath and their encounters with drugs

Ozzy Osbourne was in good company to dig into hallucinogenic medications as the other individuals additionally related their experience.

In 2017, drummer Bill Ward discussed consuming medications prior to performing for huge groups.

“It’s fascinating to discuss the peculiarities of LSD while you’re playing before 25-30,000 individuals,” he said.

“However, looking back, I was facing colossal challenges with my exhibition as well as the whole execution.”

Guitarist Tony Iommi told Classic Rock in 2016 that LSD was the most horrendously terrible medication he’d taken.

“I disdain being crazy. With cocaine, I believed I was in charge, I realized what was happening. Be that as it may, corrosive… “

“I was in America and I had a horrendous cerebral pain, and this young lady said she had two or three pills for it. What’s more, she gave me some corrosive,” he uncovered.

“Horrendous heck, I didn’t have the foggiest idea what hit me! Express gratitude toward God the remainder of the band came and put in my room and quieted me down. I planned to leap through the window.”

In 2020, bassist Geezer Butler related his most memorable outing to Metal Hammer, saying:

“I assumed I was a skeleton. I got in the van and they all went ‘What’s going on with you?’ I said ‘Might you at any point see? I’m a skeleton.'”

“We were driving along and there was a recreation area in favor of us with this multitude of blossoms in it, and I thought the blossoms were attempting to get into the van.”

“I went in front of an audience and thought it was on a boat and the groups were waves. It was horrible. I was watching my hand playing the tunes and I thought it wasn’t associated with my body. Unnerving.”

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Ozzy on his past

Ozzy Osbourne recently discussed his past with Orange County Register, uncovering that he presently not enjoyed indecencies.

“I don’t drink liquor any longer… I don’t smoke tobacco. I don’t utilize drugs… I’m doing great at the present time.”

“I currently think, ‘How could I think going into a bar and getting crushed and it was enjoyable to do all that cocaine?'”

“I have come to feel that on the off chance that right now you had a firearm, a sack of cocaine, and a gallon of liquor and you said ‘Take your pick,’ I’d get the weapon. It’s not worth the effort.”

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