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Milano based Fashion Photographer, Nima Samiee is ruling the fashion industry for more than a decade



Fashion is something which fascinates us all. Be it clothes, footwear, any other wearable, unique trends follow. Because of these trends in fashion, the fashion industry is much more in the news since time immemorial. In terms of profession too, fashion is much more picked by an entrepreneur who is interested in it manifold. The fashion industry has given the scope of profession to many individuals around the world. Designers, models, photographers and many more have evolved as professionals. One such established professional is Nima Samiee- an Italic Fashion Photographer.

Nima Samiee, originally from Iran, moved to Milano, Italy in the year 2012. Since 2012, he had this desire to enter into the fashion world. Out of passion, he searched for many opportunities to start his career in photography. His career kicked off with his first job as a photographer in Milan. His passion for fashion made him choose fashion as his niche of photography. He endures creativity and since the industry demands creativity from every angle in fashion, he chose fashion, he mentioned in one of his interviews. He even added that each day comes with new beginnings and he can learn new experiences.

He has delivered the true meaning of glamour through his photography. Talking about his Instagram feed where he has exhibited his talents, we can find captures and photoshoots which are way too classy. A 30.3K crowd is following him on Instagram because of his class. With his Instagram feed, he has used it tactfully to target large audience and at the same time has connected with fellow established artists and models. As he sought fashion photography as his profession, he collaborated with Milano’s top models and brands. He worked with several magazines and publications like Vogue, Numero, Love Magazine and L’officiel. He has his own website, www.nimasamiee.com where you can find a great collection of shots of various top models which are already covered in front of magazines. Do check his website and Instagram page for more related information.

His success story can be defined only when we talk about his achievements. His achievements include working with Live Magazine which is one of his most prized possession. Sasha Luss, Noel Capri, Sofia Resing, Marianne Fonseca, Cara Delevingne, Kat Graham, Martha Hunt are some worth mentioning top notch models with whom , Nima has worked with. Moreover, he contributed in providing quality content for brands like Versace, Balmain, Fendi, and Armani. He even attended some global fashion events like Paris Fashion Week and Milano Fashion Week.

Apart from a Professional Fashion Photographer, he is also a creative Video Producer. During his 12 years of fashion photography, he has learnt many things from different setbacks. In his recent interview at a photowalk, he shared interesting happenings going on stage when he works with popular brands and celebrity models and the scenario after the pack up. Nima believes consistency is something that is always necessary to build a successful career. Also healthy competition is always a requirement and cannot be negotiated in achieving success. A new and upcoming artist who lures for fashion can can walk through Nima’s footprints to capture success in this industry.