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Michael J Laboy – an American Owner of the first ever Adults Pizzeria



We have read about and met several entrepreneurs running several start-ups and rising slowly and steadily with success. Many more business intellectuals keep on emerging from this scenario and will continue to. Meanwhile, we focus on one among them – Michael J Laboy. He is a very well-known business magnate ready to take the luxury at one go.

Michael Laboy is an American nationality who belongs to the wonderful Miami Beach in Florida. Originally from Astoria, New York, he is the Owner of The Smoking Pie. The Smoking Pie is the first-ever adults-only pizzeria. He completed his studies in Sports Management at St. John’s University Alumni.

About the Business

A city dawns with its beauty and its everlasting nights carry the wonders of the day into some hookah bars and restaurants. The Smoking Pie is one such place to go in Miami Beach, Florida. Ready to witness some night-outs at this awesome place, you can also avail a good number of eateries too. With different types of pizza with tints of cocktails and spirits, you get a night’s atmosphere to spend in this lounge. Hookah is one of its specialties in the bar.

Moreover, vodkas, tequilas, scotch or whiskey, gin, rum, champagne, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks can lead to roaming at great heights. With its best pizza in town, The Smoking Pie is open for people the whole week from about 4 pm to 2 am at night. Its Eat, Drink, Smoke with DJs playing live throughout the nights builds its aura.

Business in rise

The opening of restaurants and lounges has brought the market to some standard levels. Today people like to hang out. So are the places where a city attracts its people into these atmosphere lounges and bars. Once you enter the club, you try to forget all the hectic pace and busy schedule you have. It compels people to have some of the best drinks and moreover, you get to socialize with people. Irrespective of known or unknown, everyone indulges in some kind of amusement while the DJ plays.

As the trend follows, these spaces keep on crowding more and more at different places in the world. West or the east, they have a huge space covered in the hearts of a city of several known destinations. Entrepreneurs and businessmen like Michael J Laboy are trying to keep up the trend alive bringing profit to theirs and benefitting the city’s lives as well.