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Meet Shaima Hormillosa – A Lifestyle Influencer and Certified Fitness Trainer who’s caught the eyes of the masses of late!



As Instagram continues to explode in popularity so does the visibility and reach of influencers. Amongst these you can find your lifestyle influencer that has attracted a large, engaged audience due to the great content and voice of the creator.

Looking for some inspiration on how to live a healthy lifestyle? Or maybe you are brand hunting for a large group of audience interested in lifestyle influencers? 

Look no further as today we talk about one of the best Lifestyle Influencers on Instagram – Shaima Hormillosa!

Shaima Hormillosa is a UAE based Lifestyle Influencer and Certified Fitness Trainer who is not only talented at taking pictures, but also knows how to mix fashion with function to create stylish and comfortable outfits that will help you stay on track. A popular figure among the masses, Shaima’s social media presence with her enticing content keeps her audience engaged and wanting for more. She is an exquisite narrator of her experiences who is living her dream and encouraging others to do the same. Her social media handles will make you fall in love with not only her fashion but also her travel experiences.

Shaima is simply documenting her daily life, be it a trip to an exotic location with her loved ones, a new diet she’s trying out or the challenges of juggling a busy professional life. This candid look into her daily life makes her incredibly relatable. She shares the good, the bad and the ugly and doesn’t gloss over any of it.

The reason Shaima attracts such a large following even though her niche is not defined is because of what she does: impeccable taste and trust with their audience. She strikes a chord with her audience because of her unique style and beautifully shot content. As a result, her account becomes a go-to place for ideas, tips, and inspiration and so much more – in sum, she builds a community of thousands of people that also hope to emulate her lifestyle.

As a result, followers listen to her when she recommends products, be it her favourite mattress, her gorgeous outfit, beauty products, accessories, protein bars and the list goes on and on! You know, things that are part of her lifestyle.

What’s important to understand is that even though Shaima Hormillosa leans in a certain direction, she is broad enough to promote multiple verticals as opposed to being trapped in a specific one the way food, fashion, beauty, or pet accounts (to name just a few) are.

Shaima travels a lot; thus her social media handles are packed with exotic destinations and wonderful experiences that take you on a virtual tour. She always makes her audience feel like they are a part of her adventure via fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. No wonder her Instagram has more than 1M followers where she is often up with interesting discussions!

“Blogging was all the rage back in the ’90s. Fast forward a few decades and you’ll still find bloggers with libraries of content, but it’s no longer their sole vehicle to reach fans. Today, lifestyle influencers rely on a combination of online articles and social media posts to share their life, family, and hobbies with the masses.” says Shaima. Being an Influencer, Shaima makes content on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. Emitting an artsy energy, her social media pages present itself as an illustrative gallery of classic photographs; with charming landscapes, affordable and unique color coordinated outfits, beauty products and accessories making the page visually aesthetic. Having a strong online presence, Shaima utilizes her ever-growing following to engage in effective marketing strategies for the brands and companies that she collaborates with. Her diverse interests make her stand out of the influencer crowd as she is quick and confident to share her thoughts on a variety of topics across her social media platforms whilst still being able to collaborate with brands. Due to her popularity she was recently voted 107th in the topmost Influential People in the Gulf!

Shaima Hormillosa is a woman who believes in hard work, creativity and elegance and seeks to contribute to the empowerment of women. As a mother and an influencer, her passion is to create inspirational content and motivate and influence her audience.

Wait, there’s more! Shaima is an ACE Certified Fitness trainer too. “Nowadays almost everyone is looking to take their fitness to the next level. Whether they are new to exercising or the gym might be their second home but working with a personal trainer helps reach their health and fitness goals.” says Shaima. Surprised? Don’t be! In today’s date, you won’t find any fitness freak without a personal trainer! The list of popular personal trainers keeps on getting bigger, thanks to the digitalization of the world and the new level of enthusiasm among the masses to stay fit. Shaima is a fitness trainer and nutritionist who specializes in fitness & nutrition education, fat loss and athletic strength & conditioning.  She doesn’t teach or train confined within the four walls of a room or in the same city where one lives. She has upgraded herself digitally and provides online training too! Shaima’s personal training sessions and nutrition coaching have helped many clients achieve their goals for fitness and physique transformation over the years in UAE and online around the world.

Shaima Hormillosa believes in making friends and helping others through collaborations. She says it’s not always about being right or perfect, it’s about giving your best shot.