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Meet Iranian Artist and Pop Vocalist | Erfun Khoshdel



We have proactively discussed the advancement of Iranian popular music, from Teacher Ashraf Hojjatzadeh to Behnam Bani. We have both adulated and scrutinized every one of the various times that popular music.

The name of Erfun Khoshdel has been heard by us all for a very long time and we know that his action in the field of pop has been splendid with his unique and profound music, yet his new talks last week in the period that was communicated as the need might arise to be examined.

The rudiments about his words and “Deal Pish” dubious music video about the progressions in popular music in Iran and its propensity to global and, surprisingly, Korean music have been exceptionally stressing, and this worry in all times of decline and ascent of music in the pop kind there have been. The primary focal point of this worry returns to the displaying of the new age of Center Eastern music that is presently in the possession of Turkish and Arabic performers and artists, yet the foundation of these issues can likewise be in the rise of colossal devotees of Korean pop (K-pop).

Many individuals have communicated worry about this previously, however it was not broadly and emphatically referenced in a public spot before the cameras.

Erfan Khoshdelnikkho (conceived September 8, 1984, Tehran, Iran) With the imaginative name of Erfun Khoshdel, is an Iranian artist, vocalist, and lyricist who began his expert profession in 2019.

A large portion of us know him, yet the specific year of his introduction to the world or field of movement has not been focused on anyplace, and there is little data about it, which I have given you the fundamental data in a single passage with a great deal of examination.

Concerns and changes about music have consistently existed in various many years, and every ten years, as per its own taste, has gone through changes in music, which thus has caused an adjustment of a sort, and this is an issue that if in Iranian pop. If you don’t watch out, it might transform into more pressing issues later and the devotees of this class will move away from it step by step.

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