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Kionne Quantrell Ellis aka Lil Kei – rising Rapper from New York



Music never fails to bind the population globally. Forget about genre; people are into perceiving creative and unique pieces in music. Once the mass finds a unique piece of an element in music; they use to incline toward the piece and its creator. Just in case, if you have forgotten; it is this creator community of artists in music who have gained momentum in recent years swiping people from international music into their vocal spaces.

Here you are again going to discover a novel yet rising star in music who belongs to New York. Kionne Quantrell Ellis aka Wopster aka Lil Kei finds his story to be narrated here. Without wasting much time, let’s move on to discovering how he developed his musical inclination.

Early Stage of Life

Hailing from Syracuse, New York, Lil Kei has been a rising star in rap music. His real name is Kionne Quantrell Ellis and is a rising name in music in the West. Born on 2nd June 1993 in NY, the US, this guy has been fond of music for a very long. His debut music album, ‘Finally On’ was his key to rap music and this kickstarted his musical journey which has just been raising high till today.

His Music Career

It was in late December of the year, 2020 when Lil Kei announced the release of his debut music album, ‘Finally On.’ Prior to releasing his first album, the rapper has already released several singles which became popular numbers in rap music. ‘No opps, No Targets’ was one of the hits among others that he even featured on his debut album.

The world witnesses innumerable music artists but many have grown and groomed into a similar genre. Although Kionne enters into getting himself engaged in music, he took to focus on the rap genre. The 29-year-old rapper finds his existence on a permanent basis due to the unique style he used to create in music. His fans and followers in music have well appreciated his creativity in the field and it exactly is catching the ears of his music even more and more. Fans have been rising as a wave he feels complete as it defines how he has approached success in music.

His 2022 singles include ‘Talk About It’, ‘Get Away’, ‘No Hook’ etc. All of his tracks stream on online music platforms – YouTube, Apple Music, Gaana, and JioSaavn. You can go check his mindblowing work and give a word of appraisal too.  

Achievements in Music

Also known as Wopster, the rapper explained once in an interview with Plugged in Media that he simply manages his own music group, On My Own Music Group (OMO). OMO is an independent record label based in Syracuse by DJ Jabriel. However, he took a break from his On My Own Music Group to focus more on managing himself. So, he is currently being managed by Quise.

This rap artist has accumulated fame as well as income simultaneously. With a net worth of US$ 10 thousand and that too at the beginning of his career was huge to count. However, the star of music is a down-to-earth guy and is just focused on growing more and more into his passion for music. We hope that he rises well in this field and remains a star name for upcoming artists as well.