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KaMillion: The Rising Star of the Rap Industry



With the explosion of music consumption in the past century, the type of music you listen to has become quite an important personality construct of sorts. Whether one is a hardcore music junkie or a general listener, everyone has a loosely defined taste they refer to when it comes to what kind of music they listen to. It has commonly been held that music taste is practically sealed by adolescence. But a new study suggests that our music taste changes as we age to meet our social and psychological needs. 

Dr. Jason Rentfrow, a senior lecturer at the University of Cambridge, has stated that teenage years are often dominated by the need to explain identity, and music is a cheap, effective way to do this. It is commonly thought that our late teens or early twenties solidify our music tastes. That isn’t to say you can’t be turned on to some crazy new genre after this point. 

The young youth is recently becoming more interested in hip-hop and rap music. Hip-hop is definitely known for self-expressive pieces, some of which fueled important societal movements. Currently, rap and hip-hop music has been used therapeutically for treating mental illness such as anxiety and depression. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders conducted a study that scanned the brains of rappers during their freestyles. The scans showed that the areas of the brain concerning motivation, language, emotion, motor function and sensory processing were at work. There is no wonder now why Eminem has left such a huge impact on the young generation’s minds through his hip-hop music.  

Having the same interest, KaMillion, born in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S., on June 26, 1989, is becoming a rising star in the rap industry. To her, similar to jazz improvisation, rap has been an innovative hack to get into the most creative spaces of people’s brains and alter their emotions. Following her passion for music, she becomes a singer, songwriter, and actress. Exploring the different sides of her singing skills, she released hip-hop music named “Twerk 4 Me.” The song went viral in 2019 and earned her career great popularity and fame. The youth is becoming obsessed with her exceptional singing skills. Her career achievements are not only limited to creating the all-time favorite rap music, but she has also showcased her talent by being a top-notch actress. 

Her fans were delighted when she entered the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Miami season 3. Audience appreciation for her acting skills made a comedy series named Rap Sh!t cast her under the character of a Jacksonville character named Mia Knight. In the tv series, KaMillion being a real-life Jacksonville girl showed an exceptional depiction of her assigned role, which made the world recognize her name. 

Besides her acting career achievements, she is also the winner of the 61st Annual Grammy Award for her work on R&B singer H.E.R.’s self-titled album. T.V. shows like A Black Lady Sketch have also used her tracks as their theme song. Her love for music and unique vocals is driving her to great success. 

KaMillion’s expertise in rap music is enabling her to diversify her career. The music she delivers to the young generation makes the youth experience different emotions. Many youngsters are becoming obsessed with her music. Her exceptional talent has gained her the reputation she desired from the beginning of her career.