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Journey of a Famous Professional Fitness Coach – Dany Petric



Nowadays almost everyone is looking to take their fitness to the next level. Whether they are new to exercising or the gym might be their second home but working with a Professional Fitness Coach helps reach their health and fitness goals. Surprised? Don’t be! In today’s date, you won’t find any fitness freak without a personal trainer!
The list of popular Professional Fitness Coach keeps on getting bigger, thanks to the digitalization of the world and the new level of enthusiasm among the masses to stay fit. But yet again, who do you chose as your Professional Fitness Coach? There are thousands of Professional Fitness Coach everywhere but not every one of them is efficient, isn’t it? Some are new and with some you won’t connect or gel together! Relax we have a story today. Heard about lot of stories of famous personalities. Today we will tell story of a famous Professional Fitness Coach Dany Petric.
There are people who are lucky enough to fulfill their dreams but the harsh truth is most of them are deprived of it due to various unavoidable situations. Today we are going to meet one such individual- Dany Petric, the celebrity cum fitness trainer. Although Dany longed to become a footballer, life showed him new paths to fulfill his dreams through a different path letting him know about his ‘self’ in a much better way.
Hailing from Dusseldorf, a city in Germany, Dany Petric had dreamt of becoming a professional soccer player. But he could not pursue his career as a soccer player. When he was young, Dany was playing for Fortuna for over ten years. At 18 years of age, an injury put a halt to his professional career of becoming a player. The rupture of a ligament during the injury healed with time but football was no longer possible as a career for him. He had to cope with the bitter truth but there were no other ways. Once again he had to reconsider his career. As he had focus mainly on sports, so this time he opted to pursue his career as a fitness trainer so that he can be close to his favorite sport.
Petric was involved in fitness and strength training. His career as a fitness trainer turned out to be a perfect solution because he became aware of his inner talents. He was good at motivating people. He had undergone his training process to become a professional coach as a fitness trainer. After acquiring his coaching license and training, he experienced himself in coaching at many studios. After gaining much experience, he later self-employs himself as a Personal Trainer, TRX Trainer, Functional Trainer and Nutritionist B license.
Currently he works in a fitness studio in Oberkassel. He is only 29 years of age. Tote-Hosen singer, Campino, Sophia Wollerheim and various soccer players from Fortuna Dusseldorf, Borussia Monchengladbach, Juventus Turin, Borussia Dortmund and several national players receive training at a regular basis under Coach, Petric.
Fitness Coach, Petric is also associated with many other noteworthy players such as the Swiss football player, Denis Zakaria. The international player wanted to go to a top club but was far from reach. A cartilage damage in his knee deprived him of his fitness and so could not make it to the top. But Zakaria worked some extra shifts once a week with Fitness Coach, Petric in his fitness studio alongwith with his Borussia training. It was just because of Petric’s motivation and mental coaching, that this top player recently presented himself in top form- the lynchpin in the Gladbach game. Also he learnt the secret of Petric’s training- going to -900 cold chamber for three minutes which acted as a boost for metabolism of the player. Now, many players from Bundesliga receive training at a regular basis under Dany Petric. Ramy Bensebaini who plays for Borussia Monchengladbach is one to be mentioned here.
Once he had the opportunity to meet Jeremy from the Wollnys at the gym. For an episode of the RTL II reality show ‘Die Wollnys’ he was to be the family’s fitness trainer on television. This made him public and people started considering him as a celebrity. He once stated that he is a big fan of Dortmund. He has a dream of training several footballers but longs a dream of one time training with Cristiano Ronaldo as he considers Cristiano as his idol. He also speaks about his exceptional talent.
He states that he loves to train professional footballers as he can apply his own experience upon them. At first, he was both excited and nervous thinking about the practical training but soon he realized that no individual is different. You must treat everyone equally in the studio. And there he started his work. From light to tough exercises, he motivates each one of them and develops the inbuilt spirituality of an individual. He could overcome and treat everyone equally during training as he considered them to be just normal fellow beings like him. He welcomes everyone eager to undergo training under him in his studio.
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