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Journey of a Famous Health Practitioner & Gospel Music Artist from Nigeria – Dr Kelechi Esimogu



Who says that if you are a professional in a particular field, you cannot be someone who has terrific skills in other fields too? A doctor, a nurse, a professor, an engineer and many more highly respectable professionals are embedded with powerful talents and skills. Apart from being the best in their work culture, they have other interests too. It may vary from drawing, music, singing, writing, dancing, playing and several others. The list may go on. A doctor can be a writer, an engineer can be a painter, a professor can be a great musician. Here we are going to read about a respectable health professional who has skilled in the music field too. She is none other than Kelechi Esimogu.

Kelechi Benwosely Esimogu belongs to Nigeria. She is currently working in NDCC (Niger Delta Development Commission). Kelechi is also currently studying Business Administration in Unicaf University, Zambia. She is a well-respected Health Practitioner in her country. She has done her graduation, B.Sc in Nursing from Madonna University in Elele, Nigeria in 2013 and a Honorary Doctorate degree in 2016 at the Higher Institution of International Victory Bible Institute in Tulsa Oklahoma, USA. She has a degree in Media and Communications at the University of Toronto, Canada in 2020

Dr. Esimogu has much been appreciated for her work in Nigeria. We find that health personnels are always engaged 24 by 7 in their work with patients, hospital duties, etc. They are so much involved into it that they eventually find less time for themselves. But this is not with Dr. Kelechi. She has managed her work-life balance so well that we have found the artistic skills in her. She is the founder and pastor of ‘House of Grace Ministry aka Solution Centre’ in Port Harcourt Rivers State.

Apart from her profession, she is a popular music artist. Her music genre is Gospel Music. Many of us are not familiar with the genre. Let’s just talk about it. Gospel music incorporates the style of Christian music that has inspired and drawn popular music traditions. Number of ethnic styles and religious traditions give rise to this genre. Many of the gospel songs have emerged from the traditional hymns of churches. It is a well-known and much older genre in the whole of America. At first it was completely pure, but with time country music, blues, etc. got mixed into gospel music. Thereafter it got more popularity throughout many parts of the world and many of the song and music artists started to choose it with much interest and appreciation.

Before, song artists used to sing gospel songs in the churches but with its increasing popularity, this genre has been chosen by the upcoming artists for singing competitions, reality shows and many more. Now artists are trying it, singing and becoming the best in Gospel music.

Kelechi has sung many Gospel songs. Her debut album was ‘You Rock My World’ released in 2017. Among them, her song, ‘Thankful’ featuring Davido, (the Nigerian Singer) reached the number 1 position on the Nigerian iTunes Chart last year in November. She is basically known by the name Queen Kel in her music.  

Recently on the 11th of June, Kelechi tied the knot with Emeka Ibe Kachikwu, (son of the former Minister of Petroleum) in Nigeria. Her partner is also a renowned personality. She has shared the news of her upcoming wedding ceremony and the pictures of her grand wedding rituals can be seen on the internet in her social media pages of facebook and instagram. It was completely a traditional wedding ceremony and the extravaganza took place in Lagos.

She is also a philanthropist. She founded ‘Women on Mission for Peace & Humanity’, an NGO empowering over 500 women and children in Nigeria. She is engaged in the teachings of the Christ with deep insight and meditation on her YouTube channel, Queen Kel. You can follow her on Instagram as well @kelechi_kachikwu. She regularly updates her work on her facebook page too, Dr Kelechi Esimogu

Follow her in Instagram at https://instagram.com/kelechi_kachikwu/