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How First-Time Filmmaker Tom Cronin Is Changing the World



For the past few years, Australian first-time filmmaker Tom Cronin has been closely following the effects of meditation on people’s lives. Additionally, he is the producer of the 2019 documentary film The Portal. Film critics from all over Australia have praised the movie.

The documentary film The Portal is a must-see because it offers meditation as a solution to contemporary issues like stress. It talks about how meditation can help you feel better and be more productive than ever while also reducing stress and anxiety.

“The Portal and the projects I’m working on are very important to me. Deep meditation has a powerful effect on me. A fantastic advantage of meditation is mental clarity. Throughout the movie, I’ve pictured a scenario in which all 7 billion people from all over the world start meditating simultaneously. The movie goes on to explain how meditation can literally alter the course of history. Deep healing and calming effects result from meditation. According to Tom Cronin’s explanation, “If everyone starts believing in their inner voice, the chaos and political turmoil all around us may be reduced.”

Filmmaker Tom Cronin wants to change the world. His movie shows how meditation’s enormous power can help ordinary people realize their full potential. Through his work on the film and promoting it through keynote talks and retreats, he is committed to the current planetary shift.

The movie Portal shot a lot of its scenes on location in Australia, Canada, the United States, and a camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan. The film has raw stories, stunning cinematography, fantastic background sound, and an exciting script.

The film’s evocative theme will keep you watching until the very end and prompt conversation with friends and family.

“My expectations for the project have increased even more after seeing the amazing response from viewers and followers. I hope the film will surpass 100 million views by the end of this year. I also hope that the Portal Book will rank among the top ten best-seller lists worldwide. 2022 has completely piqued my interest. Tom Cronin stated, “I have a lot of projects in the works.”

Tom Cronin is a highly skilled individual. He has also achieved success as a life coach and motivational speaker, in addition to filmmaking. He was a professional financial broker who traded swaps and bonds for more than 25 years before turning his attention to meditation and life coaching, which surprises many people.

Additionally, he established The Stillness Project. It is a global movement to encourage a billion people to meditate daily by sitting still. Tom has a burning desire to make people’s lives less stressful. He wants them to let go of tension and stress that isn’t needed. Tom advocates for achieving the ideal work-life balance, which requires cultivating inner peace and calming one’s mind.

When it comes to providing motivational advice to aspiring entrepreneurs or mentoring young professionals on how to become more productive without losing their cool, Tom Cronin has now established himself as a credible voice thanks to his inspirational message as a keynote speaker for corporate events and seminars. In the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, and other countries, Tom Cronin frequently participates as a featured guest and keynote speaker at various corporate training sessions.

Tom Cronin has worked for a number of large businesses and Fortune 100 companies in his 26 years of experience, including Amazon, Bank of China, Wanderlust, UBS, Coca-Cola, GPT, UBS, and many others.

Join Tom Cronin’s global movement to bring about positive change in your life and the world. He visualizes a more harmonious planet where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential through the power of meditation. Follow Tom Cronin on Instagram to learn more about him.

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