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How Brad R. Lambert Shows Value, Kindness, and Empathy in His Leadership



In today’s society, compassionate business leadership is a gold mine, but few people are aware of its significance or impact. Brad R. Lambert is aware of the ways in which empathy, kindness, and respect can put you on the fast track to happiness, lasting relationships, and success. Because of this, he focuses on leading with kindness and adding value to every room he enters. He prioritizes resolving issues and doing whatever he can to improve the lives and businesses of those around him.

A Quick Overview of Brad R. Lambert Brad R. Lambert is a producer, talent manager, and international speaker based in Los Angeles, California. He started his career working with professional athletes and sports teams in the sports industry, where he was born and raised. He went to Warner Bros. to manage their digital marketing campaigns for TV, Film, and Catalog titles, winning three CLIO Awards during his tenure (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The LEGO Batman Movie, and KONG: The Movie). After working with the best teams and athletes in the game for almost a decade, he moved to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry. He started with Robert Downey Jr. Island of SKULL).

He currently manages talent (athletes, artists, creatives, and influencers), produces projects for digital distribution (Studio Marketing Campaigns, Influencer Campaigns, Online Advertisements), and speaks at universities, summits, and industry events worldwide.

Why are kindness, empathy, and value important in business?

In everyday life, especially when interacting with others, empathy is essential. Today, far too many people only care about themselves and don’t bother to “concern” themselves with other people. By putting yourself in their “shoes,” you have to show genuine concern and attempt to comprehend how others are feeling in a given circumstance.

Kindness not only improves the lives and well-being of those you meet, but it also contributes to the development and upkeep of relationships. Giving someone a gift or a compliment is examples of kindness. Since we all have the opportunity to make a difference in the world, if we care enough to do so, small acts of kindness can go a long way.

Last but not least, there is value. Brad’s career was built on his desire to help others and his focus on doing so. At the point when he is delivering, he is serving a capable group of creatives to assist with rejuvenating a task. He serves the talent and assists them in building their brands for success now and in the future when he is managing. He is serving the audience when he speaks by giving them insight into specific topics, industries, and scenarios that he hopes will have a positive effect on their lives and businesses. Brad has also been able to set himself apart from other competitors in the market by having a positive impact on others and prioritizing their needs. Brad always elevates those around him and assists them in achieving happiness and success by demonstrating value, kindness, and empathy.

How to Lead Like Brad Are you interested in leading like Brad? Do you want to demonstrate to your team that you are a great leader? You are not a “leader” just because you are in a leadership position, and you can still be a leader even if you are not in a leadership position.

A leader is someone who puts others first, educates and empowers those around them, and sets an example for others to follow. The majority of people we have put in leadership positions are not good leaders, which is a big problem in business today. Their teams suffer as a result of their lack of compassion, empathy, and kindness because they are too caught up in their own egos and personal “agendas.” At the end of the day, leadership is all about service and understanding that you serve your team, agencies, contractors, etc., not yourself. You serve them. and supplying anything necessary to assist, empower, and elevate

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be in a leadership position to be a leader. All you need to do is help those in need, be there for them when you can, and give confidence to those who need it the most. On the off chance that we as a whole polished sympathy, thoughtfulness, and empathy, the world would be a vastly improved place.

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