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Giovanni Urso: The Genius Entrepreneur and Excellent PR strategist who built himself as the behemoth bussineman



In the world of smartphones and tablets, social media has become an important part of our lives. Today it is not just a tool for entertainment but it has become an epitome of Elite marketplace. Not just the Big brands but even the local brands use social media to promote their business. Ace Entrepreneur Giovanni Urso is helping people to get the best out of their Business with the help of his company “Giovanni Urso Consulting & Public Relations”.

Managed by the genius Entrepreneur Giovanni Urso, his company is a media service, advertising and publication company that provides 360° solutions for brands and corporations to have brilliant identity and visibility across all platforms. He also provides extravagant stays and corporate events management services. With their wide range of services, they aim to create a cost effective, one stop solution for all the corporate needs. They are now scaling their services across the world and are ready to turn the tables against big players in the present market. This year in January he opened a beauty centre in Milan with his partner the well-known Italian influencer Taylor Mega who has almost 3 million followers on his Instagram.

His services includes-


Giovanni Urso organizes Events,Travels and creates your quality experiences taking care of every detail, my work is your comfort. Yacht charter, Private Jet, NCC, Bodyguard services, the best Hotels and Villas  for short-term rentals,  national and international Restaurants and Clubs. Everything to make your experience unforgettable.


In collaboration with PETRARCA IMMOBILIARE Giovanni Urso offers Leases and Sales, as well as the development of Real-Estate operations. They also offer apartments and villas for long term rental and sale .


Giovanni Urso’s company enhances the presence of customers in the area, combining method and strategy, technology and design. They create websites and e-commerce, and create content for Social Media. They also have expertise in developing a winning strategy and creating a coordinated image.


He also collaborates with construction companies for the development of construction and renovation. So that he is able to provide any type of construction service. He also collaborates with designers and architects to give our clients the best advice. Giovanni Urso makes available his network of professionals in various sectors and the best design houses.

Born in 1989, Giovanni Urso started his career early. During his adolescence he looked into the world of clubs and sensed that the ability he had in aggregating people could become a job so in 2002 he started his career as a PR. At that time clubs saw a Shocking success, they were the meeting place for the Milanese youth. It was at this moment when he got inspiration to do something huge.

When we asked about his story, Giovanni Urso told us that- “In 2002 when I started my career as a PR, the local clubs saw huge success. The numbers soon began to grow, the word influencer had not yet cleared customs but precisely describes the role I now occupied among the boys. It was time to do something big, alone, and so came the Casablanca, a club that will become the main afternoon gathering of the Milano Bene. The work was demanding, it was no longer a matter of simple public relations, but of managing a place; Costs, Revenues, Personnel, Safety .. Saturday afternoons formed me; but the real business was in the evening, it was there that the big players were playing and where the revenues increased exponentially.

So as soon as I reach the age of majority I look into the Milanese nights and after a bit of apprenticeship, in 2012 with a consortium of partners I open my first club in Milan, “The Byblos” which will be destined to write the history of nightlife. Stimulated by the desire for expansion, a few months later in Courmayeur “Milan branch in the winter” I joined the Shatush company.

I was at best my clubs had no competitors, I organized parties and events in the most prestigious hotels “Boscolo, Principe di Savoia …” The next summer I joined the club of the Billionaires; I arrived at that point even though very young I decided to do something for my city. I have always been attracted by politics, stimulated by the consensus I collected and by my results I apply to the area council and I get numerous preferences.The popularity grows and this is how I begin to appear in various gossip magazines and I am called in numerous television broadcasts as a commentator: Mattino Cinque, a Le Iene, on Mtv “Riccanza”, Rete 4 “Fuori dal Coro” and “Live Non É La D’Urso” which are the top in the list.”

Giovanni Urso’s network continued to develop and in 2019 he purchase a restaurant in the center of Milan, the concept of which was: “Dinner accompanied by music”, soon with the help of friendships and experiences cultivated over the years, the TABLOID becomes a meeting place for celebrities and personalities of the show. Entrepreneur Giovanni Urso says- “To date, I take advantage of my experience accumulated over time and my knowledge and I provide consultancy in the luxury, construction and Real-Estate sectors.”

Entrepreneur Giovanni Urso believes in giving back to society, “We all live and grow in society. Every good step we take for society is an example for others, a symbol of example. Therefore, regardless of what we do, we must become useful to society.” To get connected with him or to avail any of his services you can visit his instagram where he has more than 21k followers.