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GhostCircus Apparel – a Household name in clothing in Los Angeles



GhostCircus Apparel – It seems like today we get overwhelmed with information, constantly connected and going full throttle to keep pace with the rest of the world. People’s lives have been encircling a 3-ring circus, crowded with the phantoms of past, present, and future. All are just endeavoring to live every day to the fullest. Whether living your life or be wear clothing apparel, all require a new approach to get going and keep moving forward. Clothing is a part of you so it needs to keep you ready for anything. Being innovative and blazing your own trail and starting your own trends, one needs to wear to be the true you, inside and out.

Eli James – The man behind creating GhostCircus Apparel

Established in 2015, GhostCircus is a unique clothing brand based in Los Angeles, California. The entrepreneur who took up the novel initiative of starting this clothing line is Eli James. Yes, he is the man behind this brand opening. To introduce the entrepreneur, we might be short of words. This is just because Eli James is himself a multitalented individual. An investor, designer, and drummer, Eli is an overall businessman.

Eli James is the secret weapon for several international musicians, magicians or illusionists, and other celebrities. To name a few, we have Twenty-One Pilots, No Doubt, SUM 41, Papa Roach, Black Veil Brides, Sleeping With Sirens, Tim Skold, and Escape The Fate on the list of musicians. However, Joseph Reohm, Joel Meyers, Spidey, and Leon Etienne are some of the magicians. Tara Conner, Ellen Degeneres, Adam Ross, and more are celebrity images.

About the brand

GhostCircus Apparel is unique when its turn comes to providing quality services. They are located in Los Angeles, California to give the best of the best for an affordable price on their outfits. Although the clothing line is a small group of some Los Angeles-based creative minds, it has been able to keep the dream alive and real.

What exactly it offers is a wide range of collections which find their spread throughout the store. GhostCircus Apparel is the official store for unique, luxury apparel by Celebrity Fashion Designer, Eli James.

Since its creation in 2015, GhostCircus Apparel has become a household name and it brings a future twist to modern fashion. According to the clothing brand, they provide clothes that move with you as you move through life. It has the simple procedure of being in a positive mindset and just believing in a bigger life for everyone.

Clothing and Accessories

From the men’s section to celebrity fashion, it has a wide variety in its collective store. It offers modern fashion with a future twist. The men’s apparel is based in Los Angeles, custom-made in small batches. You ought to know that limited-edition clothing is not to be found anywhere else. You can explore alternative athleisure from a celebrity fashion designer and its creator, Eli James.

The apparel section features from best-selling to low-to-high prices and old-to-new. Sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, and shorts – all premium and signature-based find their places offering today’s trends in lifestyle and fashion.

Apart from it, the clothing brand carries a unique selection of accessories like caps, beanies, scarves, socks, boxers, and more to spice up any outfit. It gives you a creative and trendy outlook while in any GhostCircus outfit.

One of a Kind & Made to Order

GhostCircus Apparel likes to share that almost everything on their site is either one of a kind(s) or made to order. A few garments like beanies, hats, and some tee’s also get restocked. It is basically like “One of a Kind.” These are custom garments handmade, here at its headquarters on or at your request.

Moreover, they take time and go over specific garment details or maybe a certain style that you have always dreamt about having but never been able to find or been able to make it. Also, once ordered, it is easy to get you their unique, premium, and hard-to-find fabrics in LA. It gets you something that you cannot just go and pick up at Zara or H&M or Walmart or any other store that comes to your mind.

One would just love to visit its site and scroll and get to order the best outfits from its collection. You can always visit their site and know how they work and their mission in fashion apparel. www.ghostcircusapparel.com