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From artist to CEO, Sam Saideman of Innovo Management emphasizes the importance of perspective.



Sam Saideman, co-founder and chief executive officer of Innovo Management, has quickly established himself as a thought leader in the creator economy. Sam has managed marketing campaign budgets for projects with well-known artists like Mario, Cherub, Method Man, Derek Hough, CeeLo Green, and many others. Sam was nominated for Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and Nashville Entrepreneur Center in 2015, 2016, and 2019 following awards and recognition from President Barack Obama and Nashville Mayor David Briley for his community service and benefit concerts.

His success is undeniable; We are most interested in his route to it. Sam, an American immigrant and three-time college dropout, has had to operate with a hustle mentality since childhood. Sam’s first love for rap and the way it always felt bigger than the music itself were sparked by his introduction to the United States in New York, where he originally made Hip Hop music. Sam wanted to be a part of the Hip Hop culture, which includes dance, art, fashion, and culture. However, when he was in his late teens and signed a bad deal, he quickly lost his passion for music and realized that he might be more passionate about preventing other artists from going through what he did.

Sam was able to see things from both the musicians’ and managers’ perspectives because he had been an artist. He is able to approach certain situations through a very useful lens that has brought his artists and his business great success over the past few years because he leads with empathy. His journey has not been typical, but it has been worthwhile. Sam responded, “Not every artist is a business person, which is why I ended up on the business side,” when asked about one of the biggest challenges he faces as a manager. However, not all artists are able to see things from a practical business perspective; rather, they lead with emotions and passion—even though this can be great at times! can also frequently result in fewer solutions and more problems.” On the other hand, he states, “I love it when clients understand that and allow me to handle everything.” Teamwork makes dreams come true!

Sam’s upbringing in London inspired him to come to America as an immigrant and strive for success. Sam is still motivated to show up every day and do his best because he is aware of the sacrifices his family made so that he and his siblings could succeed. His perseverance and creative spirit are noticed. Will Sam return to the microphone? Maybe so! However, for the time being, his skills are needed elsewhere as he and his co-founder Ian Rodriguez of Innovo Management continue to devise inventive strategies for expanding the business while always maintaining an “Artist-First” mindset.

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