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The popularity of electronic dance music has increased significantly and is still rising. What is the cause of the public’s and the music industry’s sudden interest in EDM? To start, this tendency has been significantly influenced by bass music. As electronic music evolved, various genres appeared, and with each new generation of young musicians, new subgenres are being produced. Because of this, the current EDM scene is so diverse and original.

An incredibly well-known DJ from the UAE named DJ G2 has carved out a unique identity for himself and connects with his audience on fire. G2 is a resident DJ at some of the most famous clubs in the UAE. Not only that, but he also uploads his original mixes to various music platforms, reaching listeners worldwide. He possesses a natural rhythm and an outstanding sense of musical form.

In addition, being an event planner, DJ G2 is the owner of XYZ Events, an event planning and management company that organizes and presents events like live music, festivals, weddings, corporate nights and meetings, DJ nights and so on; managing the logistics to enable them to go as smoothly as possible. Depending on the nature of the project, DJ G2 is also involved in bringing content ideas to the table, tasked with booking guests, artists and other contributors.

He started his career back in 2008 and has played all over the clubs in UAE. He has played for the biggest desi wedding ever in UAE at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi. He has also spun along with 100 DJs relay at WORLD TOP DJ’s (Guinness book of world record 2011). He secured the 2nd Place in UAE DJ HUNT 2012. He has also shared the stage with most of the popular Bollywood artists like Ranvir Singh, Saif Ali Khan, Yo Yo Honey Singh and many more.

Whether your event is at an intimate resort, a large ballroom, or outside beneath a tent, DJ G2 gets everything covered. He has a database of music that is rarely rivalled by an amateur music lover and playlist maker. He has older classics, new music from the radio, and will most likely have all of your favourite songs and special requests available. He also has access to new songs that have yet to be released to the public.

DJ G2 is a person who, through his job, sells a passion and introduces the newest trend that he believes would be popular with the general public. He has marketing expertise as a full time DJ and knows his target audience. He easily figures out how to connect with them through many social media platforms, websites, or even events that might help him.

He is an expert in genres like house, trance, dubstep, and drum & bass and has taken his audience of young, affluent urban people by storm. In addition, he is expert in hip hop, RnB and pop music. However, being a disc jockey and music producer is different than what people understand of the career, itself.

“It is very essential for you to gel with your online audience in order to let them know that you belong to them!” he. Due to his unique activities on social media, he has garnered a huge fan following of 14.5K followers. A creative artist, he has become one of the top influencer marketers and has been able to enjoy a high degree of trust with leading brands with whom he has collaborated.