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Country Artist Craig Morgan On His New Memoir ‘God, Family, Country’



Craig Morgan is a gifted singer/songwriter, dedicated family man, proud army veteran, and a man of strong faith. The country artist known for songs like “International Harvester,” “That’s What I Love About Sunday,” and “Soldier,” is also warm, honest, and has a deep sense of humor. All of those things shine through in his new memoir aptly titled “God, Family, Country.”

He shares stories of growing up in Tennessee, his years in the army as an Airborne Ranger which included some highly classified missions, his decision to leave the military to pursue a country music career, the road to becoming an entertainer, and his love and devotion to his family.

He also recounts the tragic death of his 19-year-old son, Jerry, who drowned in 2016, and how Morgan’s faith helped guide him through it.

“You can’t talk to me and not hear me talk about faith,” he says. “There are some difficult moments in the book, in particular when I’m talking about my son. It was difficult to go through that process, but I do believe it might help someone else reading this.”

After his son’s death, he wrote the faith-filled song “The Father, My Son and The Holy Ghost,” about trying to cope with the loss of his son. He says the words just flowed through him late in the middle of the night.

For more information on the book, the tour, or his upcoming album, visit https://www.craigmorgan.com/