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‘A Kid living her Dream’ – Meet 11 year old Sham Fawakherji, a Kid Model, Blogger and Influencer!



Kids are capable of so many things. Who knew one day they would be capable and responsible for multimillionaire brands to target their audience on social media?

As Instagram continues to explode in popularity so does the visibility and reach of kid influencers. Amongst these you can find your favorite who has attracted a large, engaged audience due to the great content and voice of the creator.

Sham Fawakherji is an 11 year old model, blogger and kid Influencer from Syria based in Dubai who has paved the way for an early potential career opportunity for herself! As a kid model, she acts as the face of different brands including clothing, holidays, products and more. She was the face of the official ad of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022!

Of course a school goer, Sham Fawakherji brings together new and inspiring voices on the contemporary kid’s fashion, art, sports, video games and his love for gymnastics! She presents work that is distinguished by its quality, originality and creativity. As a kid influencer, Sham has been successful in creating a tectonic shift where even a child, no matter the age, perceives Social Media Influencing not only as a hobby or a profession but a gratifying way of boosting creativity.

Even though brands are using Sham Fawakherji for their younger audience, the target audience which is kids are ardently consuming her content. So how does it work? The products that these brands are manufacturing or promoting are ultimately going to be used by kids but the purchasing power lies in the hands of their parents. So basically, even though the products are targeted towards kids, the marketing is targeted towards their parents.

The content produced by Sham Fawakherji is monitored and ideated by her father. Being a kid in this digital generation, Sham Fawakherji is tech-savvy knows how to operate mobile devices and access the internet. But the authority of creating as well as consuming content lies in the hands of her parents.   

Has it been a long day so far? Tired from a long day of work and need some daily dose of motivation, Sham Fawakherji’s Instagram handle is the perfect place to turn to and visiting her profile would give you some serious inspiration and motivation. At such a young age, she is highly talented, fun and full of great ideas. Perfect to go to when you need some help with getting your creative juices flowing!

A popular figure among the children, Sham’s social media presence with her enticing content keeps her audience engaged and wanting for more. Her social media handles will make you fall in love with not only her fashion but also her talking skills – children love to hear her speak on different topics and throng to join her whenever she shows up live.

She’s always ready to help other children following her to also live their dream lives. Kid Influencer Sham Fawakherji’s authentic and disarming personality resonates with anyone who stumbles across her content.

Sham Fawakherji has achieved many heights already. She creates a wide variety of content on her platform and has a range of videos which provides viewers with informational content. She tries out new trends and shares hacks with her viewers, making her an exciting personality to follow.

Not to brag, but kid Influencer Sham Fawakherji has contracts, photo shoots, reshoots, brand approvals, posting, audience engagement… It may not be something your kids are really up for. While she enjoy the perks, she also has her limits. If she feels unhappy with a type of activity for social media, she doesn’t do it and her parents fully supports her.  Rightly so, if a kid is unhappy, it’s not going to work and it can be damaging to their self-esteem, or in the future too.

With over 46.7K followers on Instagram, Sham Fawakherji is an absolute delight to follow. Her content is fun, light-hearted, and everything you need after a long day at work! Whether you have kids of your own or not, you should definitely check out this talented little child!  

She motivates children of her age with her experience and also provides useful tips and guidance. The enthusiasm for fame is admirable and refreshing for a talent like Sham Fawakherji, telling relatable stories in her fun-filled content; serving as the ice breaker between her fans and her.   

Kid Bloggers like Sham Fawakherji are attracting extremely large audiences, which enables endemic and non-endemic brands to reach an enormous range of target groups. Due to her popularity, she has become one of the top kid influencer marketers and has been able to enjoy a high degree of trust with leading brands with whom she has collaborated.